Flats, Flats, & More Flats!

Working in a corporate setting in the District of Columbia can literally be a pain in the......FOOT! Metro hustling and busting through crowds of people can be difficult in heels after a while! And who has the patience for the hellish traffic!? ...Yeah so flats have become our very best friend.

The great thing about flats is that you can find all types, styles and designs just like the many options provided in heels, wedges, and platforms. They look awsome and are extremely comfy. In a nutshell, I adore flats and you should too! Whether worn behind the desk or out on the town, you will exude a sense of modest confidence and comfortability! Step outside of the box and try different colors but be sure to have the basics: nude, black and an animal print *wink*.

Flats Flats & More Flats

Pointed toe flat
$30 - oasap.com

H&M flat shoes
£9.99 - hm.com

H M ballet flat
£15 - hm.com

Mulberry ballet flat
$550 - mulberry.com

Pointed toe flat

Ballet flat

Madewell ballet flat
$98 - madewell.com

Alexander mcqueen shoes
$1,055 - net-a-porter.com

Perez Hilton's Road to Redemption

Yesterday, I happened to view Oprah Winfrey's Life Class and was so surprised to see Celebrity Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton on the show! I was immediately amazed by his shockingly thin physique and  new-found sophisticated swag. Aside from his new appearance, I took an instant interest in the fact that he has decided to give his career approach a make-over. No more of the snide, mean and hurtful comments about celebs..he has decided to gossip with a sense of respect for celebrities! Is that possible!?

Check out the clip below:

Perez opened up about how it was extremely difficult for him to announce his new approach to celeb gossip blogging, after having created this "character" (Perez Hilton) and gaining such a fanatical audience of readers.  I respect the fact that he took instant responsibility for the pollution that he so often offered to the blogosphere. He mentioned the "awakening," and how he plans to implement this experience going forward. " I am not my past. I am not going to allow that (the hurtful things he said in his past) to affect me going forward."

Not only am I a fan of Perez, but I believe the apology to his fanbase was authentic and true. It was done in a real stand-up fashion and with Oprah's help, he was able to convey that message openly and diligently.

Perez, you don't owe anyone anything after what I heard you say in that segment of Life Class. You deserve to start anew and gain new audience members with your un-harmful approach to spilling gossip. You have grown before our eyes, and that you should be greatful for. Kudos to you!

Accessory Addict..

If you know and love me, this post should not be a surprise to you at all!!!! I am an accessory guru, fanatic, queen, expert, etc. I have a number of accessories from clutches and purses to rings and vintage necklaces. I absolutely cannot help myself when it comes to the collecting of accessory fashion items. Below I have created a set displaying current fashion pieces to enhance your sense of style.

Accessory Addict

1. In this section I displayed a few statement rings. These pieces can be worn with a number of other accessories but they most definitely can stand alone. Statement rings capture the attention of everyone at an outing and can serve as a conversation piece. Choose one that suits your personality, and rock it with your favorite outfit, I'm sure someone will notice.

2. Bracelets and Necklaces are never ignored. Chunky chains and symbolic pieces are most definietly fashion forward this season. We are all stepping into the realm of symbolism with the Buddha beads, Jesus Pieces, Peace Symbols and word plates. All of these accessories tell a story and display your beliefs. Why not indulge and rock them all spring and summer.

3. Bright colored polish and lips are definitely a trend spreading across the globe. And I have to say, since I've been a fan of Snooki from The Jersey Shore, huge dark lashes are my new found love. It ain't for everybody, but try it and see how you like it!

4. Last but definitely not least bags!!! I love bags of all types-- what girl doesn't? But we can't carry our huge hobo bags everywhere we go. Choosing smaller- stylish options with bursts of color is a habit we should all get used to. Leave those heavy bags at home and carry a classy clutch or a pillbox purse with a nice long strap to carry on your shoulder or to even wrap around you. This way you are only carrying the essentials, and giving your shoulder a rest. Let the people see your outfit! Don't hide it with a hobo.

Hope this helps!


Basic & Clean: Looking Fabulous without "Doing too much!"

After being absent for so long, I have been indulging in fashion and keeping an eye out for what's hot. Well after seing the same outfits, and posts on celebrity style time and again, I just decided to maitain a relatable log of fashion guides and tips. Most of us are unable to afford celebrity style, and some of us are just sick of constantly seeing people re-create looks of celebs. Don't get me wrong, some of us pull celebrity style off very well but others of us... not so much. So lets keep it clean and we will delve into risky style options from time to time okay?

In this look I put together two extremely popular spring color combinations; pink & green! Pink is a hot color for the spring--that's a given, but pulling off the pink and green style without completely ruining the concept can be hard, so let's take a look at how I put together this set.

Under Dressed

White tee's and skinny's are incredible pieces to have in your wardrobe! Everyone..and I do mean everyone should have a pair of basic dark wash skinny jeans and a round or v-neck (preferrable) tshirt. You should already have these in your wardrobe, so the focus here should be on the blazer and pumps. The splash of pink at the top will most definitely brighten your face so be sure to wear your hair back or up to accentuate your beautiful face. Adding the green pump provides a lovely balance in color with the dark denim skinny.

Less is more! Simple gold chain and hoops to finish the look! No bangles but theres definitely room for a statment ring. I would even rock this look with gold studs. Spring is a fun and flirty season, but I think minimalism offers an opportunity to accent natural beauty. What do you think!?


Less Is More..

Spring is finally here and what better way to kick off the warm weather than sprucing up your wardrobe to suit the change in season! Below you will find a lovely pink ensemble. This look provides a sexy siloutte that is undeniable. Labels don't matter, you can create this look with your closet favorites or stop by your local American Apparel or Forever 21 to find a "body conscious" form fitting dress and mix and match blush and neutral colored accessories to create this look. For this particular look, I was going for a vibrant canvas by choosing the hot pink dress. The nude shoe provides a sophistication to this look and allows room for color blocking. I achieved the color blocking technique with the multi colored clutch. This look plays it very safe but is fun and flirty for a day-date.
Less is More

Hair and makeup is very simple! Like the title of this entry, less is more, so go for a top-knot bun with peachy cheeks, nude lips, and voluminous lashes!

For you big spenders out there, below you will find clips of each item in this set. Click on the item of your choice to purchase. Hope to see you all rocking this look!


It's a great feeling to start all over right? Knowing that we are granted another opportunity to live and try anything for a second, third, or fourth go-round is rewarding in itself. I have to say blogging can be difficult to keep up with when you actually have a life outside of the blogosphere.
My goal this time is to log my experiences as I travel a new path in my life. I'm no longer an inexperienced undergrad, but a young woman exploring professional options -- taking in experiences that will enhance my productivity in society. I am eager to begin-again and have the world follow me along for the ride.

The things I plan to fill you in about:
  • Grad School at New England College
  • Moving into my NEW apartment
  • Developing my fashion and mass com business
  • My Opinions on popular topics
  • Love, Life, and how I manage to balance the two; not to mention
  • Friends, Family, and Everything in-between
I look forward to utilizing my blog as a journal..stay tuned for what's to come!