Accessory Addict..

If you know and love me, this post should not be a surprise to you at all!!!! I am an accessory guru, fanatic, queen, expert, etc. I have a number of accessories from clutches and purses to rings and vintage necklaces. I absolutely cannot help myself when it comes to the collecting of accessory fashion items. Below I have created a set displaying current fashion pieces to enhance your sense of style.

Accessory Addict

1. In this section I displayed a few statement rings. These pieces can be worn with a number of other accessories but they most definitely can stand alone. Statement rings capture the attention of everyone at an outing and can serve as a conversation piece. Choose one that suits your personality, and rock it with your favorite outfit, I'm sure someone will notice.

2. Bracelets and Necklaces are never ignored. Chunky chains and symbolic pieces are most definietly fashion forward this season. We are all stepping into the realm of symbolism with the Buddha beads, Jesus Pieces, Peace Symbols and word plates. All of these accessories tell a story and display your beliefs. Why not indulge and rock them all spring and summer.

3. Bright colored polish and lips are definitely a trend spreading across the globe. And I have to say, since I've been a fan of Snooki from The Jersey Shore, huge dark lashes are my new found love. It ain't for everybody, but try it and see how you like it!

4. Last but definitely not least bags!!! I love bags of all types-- what girl doesn't? But we can't carry our huge hobo bags everywhere we go. Choosing smaller- stylish options with bursts of color is a habit we should all get used to. Leave those heavy bags at home and carry a classy clutch or a pillbox purse with a nice long strap to carry on your shoulder or to even wrap around you. This way you are only carrying the essentials, and giving your shoulder a rest. Let the people see your outfit! Don't hide it with a hobo.

Hope this helps!