Basic & Clean: Looking Fabulous without "Doing too much!"

After being absent for so long, I have been indulging in fashion and keeping an eye out for what's hot. Well after seing the same outfits, and posts on celebrity style time and again, I just decided to maitain a relatable log of fashion guides and tips. Most of us are unable to afford celebrity style, and some of us are just sick of constantly seeing people re-create looks of celebs. Don't get me wrong, some of us pull celebrity style off very well but others of us... not so much. So lets keep it clean and we will delve into risky style options from time to time okay?

In this look I put together two extremely popular spring color combinations; pink & green! Pink is a hot color for the spring--that's a given, but pulling off the pink and green style without completely ruining the concept can be hard, so let's take a look at how I put together this set.

Under Dressed

White tee's and skinny's are incredible pieces to have in your wardrobe! Everyone..and I do mean everyone should have a pair of basic dark wash skinny jeans and a round or v-neck (preferrable) tshirt. You should already have these in your wardrobe, so the focus here should be on the blazer and pumps. The splash of pink at the top will most definitely brighten your face so be sure to wear your hair back or up to accentuate your beautiful face. Adding the green pump provides a lovely balance in color with the dark denim skinny.

Less is more! Simple gold chain and hoops to finish the look! No bangles but theres definitely room for a statment ring. I would even rock this look with gold studs. Spring is a fun and flirty season, but I think minimalism offers an opportunity to accent natural beauty. What do you think!?