It's a great feeling to start all over right? Knowing that we are granted another opportunity to live and try anything for a second, third, or fourth go-round is rewarding in itself. I have to say blogging can be difficult to keep up with when you actually have a life outside of the blogosphere.
My goal this time is to log my experiences as I travel a new path in my life. I'm no longer an inexperienced undergrad, but a young woman exploring professional options -- taking in experiences that will enhance my productivity in society. I am eager to begin-again and have the world follow me along for the ride.

The things I plan to fill you in about:
  • Grad School at New England College
  • Moving into my NEW apartment
  • Developing my fashion and mass com business
  • My Opinions on popular topics
  • Love, Life, and how I manage to balance the two; not to mention
  • Friends, Family, and Everything in-between
I look forward to utilizing my blog as a journal..stay tuned for what's to come!