Perez Hilton's Road to Redemption

Yesterday, I happened to view Oprah Winfrey's Life Class and was so surprised to see Celebrity Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton on the show! I was immediately amazed by his shockingly thin physique and  new-found sophisticated swag. Aside from his new appearance, I took an instant interest in the fact that he has decided to give his career approach a make-over. No more of the snide, mean and hurtful comments about celebs..he has decided to gossip with a sense of respect for celebrities! Is that possible!?

Check out the clip below:

Perez opened up about how it was extremely difficult for him to announce his new approach to celeb gossip blogging, after having created this "character" (Perez Hilton) and gaining such a fanatical audience of readers.  I respect the fact that he took instant responsibility for the pollution that he so often offered to the blogosphere. He mentioned the "awakening," and how he plans to implement this experience going forward. " I am not my past. I am not going to allow that (the hurtful things he said in his past) to affect me going forward."

Not only am I a fan of Perez, but I believe the apology to his fanbase was authentic and true. It was done in a real stand-up fashion and with Oprah's help, he was able to convey that message openly and diligently.

Perez, you don't owe anyone anything after what I heard you say in that segment of Life Class. You deserve to start anew and gain new audience members with your un-harmful approach to spilling gossip. You have grown before our eyes, and that you should be greatful for. Kudos to you!