College 2.0

This coming September I will be beginning a new journey in my life; graduate studies. I will be pursuing an MBA in Digital & Social Media at the New England College. Go Figure!! I am a social media junky, an iphone nut, a destined digital fanatic, a tech savvy lady of the new age! I am just all over the idea of pursuing this program because of my passionate interest in what new forms of technology actually relates to the generation of today. We are all dub ourselves as social media experts but are we really? No. Social media is not about tweeting what we are doing today, what we wore, what he did and she said at the lounge last night, and how you caught your boyfriend’s ex posting old twitpics of them at the Rick Ross concert in Miami; it is about generating communication with the masses from a strategic point of view for a specific purpose. Well that’s only a portion of what I know from taking interest and relating to the idea. But, we all know of companies that utilize social media and implement a plan of action for its purpose within the company. That’s where I come in! I would like to be the go-to person for strategic social media planning for a variety of companies but mainly up and coming businesses and well recognized fashion and beauty companies.
This program will prepare me to be a Digital and Social Media expert for companies and large corporations. How about that!? I am so elated that I was accepted into this program because I have been waiting for so long to have this level of training. I have done seminars, and viewed webcasts on social media, but the focus has been so general. I am a great hands-on, behind the scenes kind of girl! I would love to develop apps and come up with hip ways to communicate via the latest form of technology; similar to how we all are infatuated with iphones and instagram. It’s truly an amazing application and it gives us all an opportunity to share ideas, and instances in “real-time” from anywhere in the world. That is the leisure side of digital media that I would love to be a part of. 
Technology is a real money-maker! As complex as technology is on the back end, the pay for positions such as these are great because not many people are familiar with social/digi media on a professional level. Businesses are becoming digitally enhanced by the decade and who are the ones making the gears grind? People with knowledge in IT, Webdesign, and media. It’s my passion to know and utilize these abilities as well as make things pretty J .. I have a keen eye for what will reach out to the masses by design. We are all obsessed with the way things look! The cooler the look, the more people will be interested in the app/website/etc.
With my background in communications (PR & Journalism) I truly believe marketing these ideas will become second nature as I design a plan for each of my creations.
I know it sounds complex right now but this is what I love. This is why I am a creator..I can’t stop coming up with ideas. So until September I will be studying my craft on the back end..and blogging to keep you all informed with my progress. Follow my journey! And don’t forget to find your destiny!