Doin' the Damn Thing!

So..its been how long now?? Well I can’t keep count! I have been extremely busy with family functions, graduations, family drama, and just getting my mind, body, and spirit ready for what’s to come. So you know howlife goes..inconsistent as hell—but you get through with about 60% of your sanity and move on.

Anyways.. I have reached a point in life where every move I make has to count. I just have to make It to the end result with the winningtape wrapped around my body. I want to conquer life! Conquer my career dreams..that’s all I can think about. So I am hustling mentally and physically. It’s been paying off but that in itself is a fulltime job.

Today I had my Social Media 101 presentation at National Geographic Federal Credit Union today. After thinking this thing through time and time again, I finally walked through those doors with my laptop and printouts and dove right in!! With the grace of God I have landed my first project! Not a FT gig but it’s a gig! That’s the point. Every stepping stone counts and who knows, it may evolve!! We will see.

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