I have been pondering on what trends to introduce to you immediate deliberation was NEON colors. Talk about daring! For a long time I've been afraid of bright colors. In the past I had fallen victim of the neutral bug and would consistently wear the same three colors; brown, tan, and gold. Playing it safe is no longer acceptable! It is 2012, the perfect time to try something new.

Over time, I have grown incredibly fond of NEON colors and have incorporated them into my casual wardrobe as well as my work attire. Adding brilliant multihued options to your repertoire can be a marvelous thing if you rock it the right way.


·         You don’t have to be NEON from head to toe. It’s always nice to add a pop of color to your outfit. Try adding a bright colored scarf, belt, or shoe to add a little pizzazz to your look.

·         Gradually work NEON colors into your wardrobe. Make sure your look is not overbearing and not too matchy. If you are wearing a NEON green cardigan, do not wear a neon green belt and shoes. Try different variations and patterns with NEON colors. You won’t be sorry.

·         Utilize NEON’s as a wow-factor, remember white is a highlight color! Brighten your look by adding NEON with a white top or bottom. For instance—a white tank or beater with a NEON Blue.

More tips on how to rock your NEON colors to come!!!