Makeup Case Essentials

I can't lie, my purse is a war zone! I can honestly tell you that I have everything in my purse from sewing needles to kitchen scissors, so in the real world I totally have no business telling anyone what they should carry in their purse. So instead, I will be giving you all advice on what beauty products to keep in your everyday bag.

First of all, you will need a makeup case or pouch. This one item should be exceptionally smaller than the purse it resides in. Keep in mind, all items in your purse should be discreet. Each item in your purse should be pocket size, so don’t fully stock your makeup case with jumbo sized bottles of lotion, perfume, etc.

Below, I have created a set displaying all of the items you need to carry inside of your makeup case on a daily basis. These particular items are the only ones you will need to have handy at all times.  
Pack Lightly

1)      One tube of mascara
2)      Compact of face powder/foundation equipped with mirror
3)      Chapstick or Lip Balm
4)      Black/Brown eyeliner
5)      Pocket Size makeup wipes
6)      One neutral lip gloss
7)      Every day lipstick color

Most of us do a full face of makeup before we go anywhere, so carrying a luggage case full of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and brushes are all unnecessary to carry in your everyday bag. You want to keep the items needed to touch up your look throughout the day instead of carrying your entire makeup collection.

We all love to look good around the clock, but when you’re on the go—who has time to pull out a huge kit to create a full face? The 7 items I have provided for you in this set are essential to have separate from the mass amount of makeup you have at home. Pack Lightly ladies! You will be happy you did so.