Print With A Few Blocks of Colour

After posting this pic on Instagram, I received some great feedback from one of my good friends. She recommended that I recreate the looks that I rock when going out or simply come up with sets based on what I wear to work. Ignore my clutter and take a look of  the set I provided below. (None of the items in the set are the exact same as the one in my photo, but the items are very similar to mine)

My inspiration was color blocking with patterns. The whole idea of color blocking is to patch together a variety of colors at random. I used two colors in particular to block. Red & Blue as shown with the red lip and clutch, (conveniently sitting on my counter), and the dazzling blue blazer that I have on. Adding the splash of red on my lips to createa color blocking scheme was quite creative I would say.

The bottoms are an aztec print (tan and black) and I decided to pair a ruffle black tank and a pair of 6 inch platform wedges with these leggings. (Oh yes I said six inches...thanks to Bakers!)

I ended up switching shoes due to the mellow atmosphere and my friends descision to show up with flats -__-. But I would much prefer the wedges over my black Coach flats. Anyway, hope you like my look.

Here it is:

Blocking with Patterns