There's a Difference between Choosing Your Destiny & Finding Your Destiny

Well is there truly a difference between choosing and finding your destiny? I have been extremely adamant about finding my calling. I have gone from one extreme to the next, constantly trying to decipher my life’s purpose and coming up a few pennies short once the process began. How many times has this happened in your life? You think you’re so smart and know it all..then BOOM! Things flip out of control and you’re slightly lost again. My life story within the past few years will stand as a testament to how great life will be if you find your destiny, rather than choosing it for yourself.

I am sure this is all hard to grasp because you hear stories about athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs-- about how they chose their craft and ended up rich and famous. They go through a series of trials and tribulations and end up on the #winning side. Right? I believe that some of these people are only telling a tiny portion of their journey—

Destiny is inevitable; you can’t totally escape it. God has granted each of us a skill of some sort; an ability to achieve a goal. Then he takes that one ability and builds other traits and abilities to enhance that gift. How can we forget that everything we are able to do comes from the grace of God? We were all created carefully, one by one to serve a certain purpose and that is how your destiny is created. He has already opened and shut some doors of opportunity and has paved a definitive path for each one of us. But somehow, we get lost and become caught up in the hype—wanting to be someone and something we are not for the approval of man. Not realizing that in a matter of time, doors will be shut in our faces because we are ringing on the wrong door bells. We are trying to live someone else’s destiny and not acknowledging the path that has already been shaped strictly for us.

I am here to tell you, I know what that can be like. God has blessed me with so many abilities that I have had times where I actually have felt like sitting on my behind and waiting for opportunity to literally come knocking on my door. That’s not what I have been taught. I am blessed with these abilities because I will need each and every one of them during my journey. My blessings are endless and my LIFE is the melting pot in which he pours these abilities into—this is so I can utilize them when it is time for me to reach my full destiny. I know that everything that I have been blessed with will all work hand in hand when I reach the peak of my career. The event planning, journalism, digital media, blogging, and design will all work hand in hand to spark a movement that was meant for me.

I ask that each of you take a look at your abilities—list them out on paper. See which ones go hand in hand and pray. Pray to God and ask him to lead you if you have gone astray. He will help to clear the path for you to see the next step to take. You may not know the outcome in its entirety, but each day will be spent working towards that end result.

Don’t live your life trying to imitate anyone. Be the best you, you can be! You are different from the person you were yesterday, and you’re just as important as the athletes, and entertainers. You are God’s child! And the same way he paved their way, and have granted them with the abilities they have to entertain and perform, he has done the very same for you.

Hope this brightens your week!