My first blog on

Ok, so my first blog has been posted on the Haati Chai website for two days now. Sorry, for the delay! But, Here is a quick screen shot!

I will mainly be doing fashion and a few beauty posts so, keep an eye out. AND don't forget to check out their website for amazing jewlery. You will find nothing like these pieces anywhere else. I will be doing a post this weekend on their latest promotions and my top 5 favorite items from their line.

Visit right now!


Haati Chai little blessing :)

It's funny how things work out.. Sunday night I decided to enter Haati Chai's exciting accessory contest on Instagram for their armcandy giveaway. The idea of the contest was to repost the picture below:

and explain in so many words, your ideal outfit to pair with Haati Chai's arm candy. So of course I came up with a simple outfit, listed its contents and reposted the picture as stated in the contest guidelines.

To seperate myself from the rest of the submissions I entered two sets of ideal outfits and was quickly complimented on the fashion options I provided. What better way to envision the ideal outfit than to see it in living color! Here is what I posted:

Haati Chai Submission

Haati Chai #2

 Long story short, Haati Chai asked me to be a guest blogger on their websit :)--and I accepted.

Posts coming soon!

Apostrophe Apparel Giveaway

I've been promising you all for a while and finally the time has come! I am having a giveaway to two lucky supporters!

Here are the ultra simple rules:
1. Follow me @lala2425 on Instagram
2. Post "I want to win" on my Accessory Giveaway Tweegram
3. And lastly, create a Tweegram or Versigram that says "Apostrophe Apparel Fan"with the #apostropheapparel hashtag.

That's it!

What are the prizes you ask??? Well I hope you all love accessories. I've been getting a lot of great pieces from a very well known company within the fashion retail world and because you all are so good to me, I plan to giveaway 1 traveler charm bracelet and 1 gold plated love bracelet as shown in the pretty in pink post right here on Apostrophe Apparel. There will be more opportunities to win some awesome items! So get going and start posting!

Winners will be announced right here as well as on Instagram in approximately 4 days from today!! That means keep an eye out for the winners!!!

Good Luck!!!!!


It's so hard being a girl! Keeping up with fashion trends, nail and beauty methods, handling our business on the regular, and running the world... (Thanks Bey). Overall being a girl is fun but it's definitely hard work. Why not be comfortable in the process?

Crochet is a popular trend that is taking the runway and Summer 2012 by storm. Cute little dainty pieces are doing wonders for women across the globe. Crochet pieces are airy and light, and can be paired with various textures. The set I created shows different crochet pieces. Not all of them blend well with each other but stay tuned to see how I pair crochet pieces with a variety of fabrics.


Band of Outsiders crochet shorts
$469 -

Crochet shorts
£30 -

Rare london
£48 -

TOMS crochet shoes
$58 -

The Sak crochet bag
$15 -

The Sak crochet bag
$15 -

Adia Kibur long necklace
$60 -

Wendy Mink long earrings
$148 -

Genie by Eugenia Kim paper hat
$70 -

Francesca Crochet Ballet
$49 -


 It's the weekend, so why not kick it off with a fun, sassy, and cute day-time look. This white bodycon dress and cropped denim vest are the perfect pieces to accessorize with. You can embellish with a gold necklace and hoops paired with flats or spice it up with a cute pair of heels. This look is perfect for daytime rooftop parties. Check it out and rock it. I'm pretty sure you can find most of these pieces in your wardrobe.


Tropical Punch

Maxi dresses are a definite yes for the summer time. How could you ever go wrong with a maxi dress? Floral patterns are out! Color blocking is most definitely in. In the set below, I created a look that included blocking and doses of neon colors. The key is to not be too matchy but to give pops of color.

Check it out:

Tropical Punch

BBW Analysis..SMH

My blog is most definitely not a gossip or celebrity focused platform; I just simply can't begin to express my disappointment in the entire BBW cast and management team. First of all I don't believe anything Shaunie says point blank period. Did we see her put her foot down and stand up to the minions who just so happen to be cast members thanks to the woman who built the empire (Shaunie)? Hell no! She instigated back and forth for ratings and that's clearer than her bullshit explanation about her efforts to promote sisterhood and balance on the show. Shaunie be real please! You realized the mess you made when ppl started to speak out on this buffoonery! Just like you said last night, it's ok to say you effe'd up right? So say it already and stop having your own press conference. Nobody believes you.

Tami..I was really rooting for Tami because she's the only one with a compelling story. She was the realist and my personal favorite, especially after she put Evelyn in her place back in season 2! There was nobody like Tami and I respected her character so much more before she became cool with Ev. The thing is, Evelyn is not a friend to Tami. She judged Tami from the gate! Now I feel like Tami's financial and entertainment come up has her mind chopped and screwed. When the BBW train is over will Evelyn be there for her? Hell no. Look at how her mom lives in a closet up in NYC! If she would do her family wrong what makes her a friend to any of the girls on the show. You think she is as down as she should be??? I just think Tami has disappointed a number of dedicated fans. She is not the catty girl she has become on the show. I believe she's the realist she started out as in the beginning. Maybe it'll take time for a more mature version of that person to blossom once more! Tami be you. A milder not so violent version of you. But check Ev the way you would have in past seasons. You cant be the back and forth type like Shaunie. That's boring and I'm sure the BBW fans and stans will love you more for that. We are the ones that give the ratings... Be loyal to the fans.. And watch out for your cast mates... Remember you were a hot ghetto mess before you were in the "circle!" What will you be to them after the circle? *sideeye*

Suzie... Not worth a comment! She's a snitch who just wants to be down. Hope those ceramic braces has her jaws wired shut because she's begging for the a$$ whooping she should have received a long time ago.

Kenya.. I think she should totally be diagnosed! She just can't sing and is far from camera ready.

Royce and Keisha.. Y'all aren't too bad but this is not the YaYa Sisterhood or the Babysitters club. Sit down and take up for yourselves and not each other! Y'all have to be about 30 something. Grow up.

Evelyn... I know she gets all touchy about the blogs... And ppl talking ish. But what else are we supposed to do after seeing this 36+ year old waddle her ass across a table to slap somebody. Didn't see you travel that far to slap Tami but whatevs! First of all, Chad is all of what ppl say about him so why are you so hurt when ppl say it. ESP. Your supposed best friend Jenn. Y'all are on a gossip focused show. Y'all talk about each other while the cameras are on so why is it different when she says things on interviews. Acting naive and crazy on tv has to be embarrassing to your poor daughter. Don't let this show ruin relationships with people because you've found a nitch and ran with it to become an Evelyn Lozada empire. That portrayal of yourself will not last long enough to make you forever money. You have a lot to say about Jenns makeup line but your line is the same as Coastal Scents and BH cosmetics. <----(DONT BELIEVE ME CLICK THE LINKS) (Click here to see Ev's makeup) What is so fab about that. But you're one for down playing people who aren't on your level so ill do it for you. "I'm a non mf factor blah blah, Im out the circle...whatever..I'm just a broke blogger..ok thats fine." but guess what you need people like me to humble your tail. Your fans are probably crazy argumentative harlots who think you relate to them because you're loud and obnoxious. That's nothing to smile about. It's ok to be zesty and all that but you've made a pretty little monster out of yourself. You have to be classier and stop talking crap about everybody. But we all know nobody has anything to say about Shaunie. She's the money bag and you chicks love it. But let's hold somebody responsible!

No more gossip here..I just had to go off for a min! What do ya'll think?

Doin' the Damn Thing!

So..its been how long now?? Well I can’t keep count! I have been extremely busy with family functions, graduations, family drama, and just getting my mind, body, and spirit ready for what’s to come. So you know howlife goes..inconsistent as hell—but you get through with about 60% of your sanity and move on.

Anyways.. I have reached a point in life where every move I make has to count. I just have to make It to the end result with the winningtape wrapped around my body. I want to conquer life! Conquer my career dreams..that’s all I can think about. So I am hustling mentally and physically. It’s been paying off but that in itself is a fulltime job.

Today I had my Social Media 101 presentation at National Geographic Federal Credit Union today. After thinking this thing through time and time again, I finally walked through those doors with my laptop and printouts and dove right in!! With the grace of God I have landed my first project! Not a FT gig but it’s a gig! That’s the point. Every stepping stone counts and who knows, it may evolve!! We will see.

I try not to neglect my blog but if you lose touch with me, follow me on Instagram! @lala2425