Apostrophe Apparel Giveaway

I've been promising you all for a while and finally the time has come! I am having a giveaway to two lucky supporters!

Here are the ultra simple rules:
1. Follow me @lala2425 on Instagram
2. Post "I want to win" on my Accessory Giveaway Tweegram
3. And lastly, create a Tweegram or Versigram that says "Apostrophe Apparel Fan"with the #apostropheapparel hashtag.

That's it!

What are the prizes you ask??? Well I hope you all love accessories. I've been getting a lot of great pieces from a very well known company within the fashion retail world and because you all are so good to me, I plan to giveaway 1 traveler charm bracelet and 1 gold plated love bracelet as shown in the pretty in pink post right here on Apostrophe Apparel. There will be more opportunities to win some awesome items! So get going and start posting!

Winners will be announced right here as well as on Instagram in approximately 4 days from today!! That means keep an eye out for the winners!!!

Good Luck!!!!!