It's so hard being a girl! Keeping up with fashion trends, nail and beauty methods, handling our business on the regular, and running the world... (Thanks Bey). Overall being a girl is fun but it's definitely hard work. Why not be comfortable in the process?

Crochet is a popular trend that is taking the runway and Summer 2012 by storm. Cute little dainty pieces are doing wonders for women across the globe. Crochet pieces are airy and light, and can be paired with various textures. The set I created shows different crochet pieces. Not all of them blend well with each other but stay tuned to see how I pair crochet pieces with a variety of fabrics.


Band of Outsiders crochet shorts
$469 -

Crochet shorts
£30 -

Rare london
£48 -

TOMS crochet shoes
$58 -

The Sak crochet bag
$15 -

The Sak crochet bag
$15 -

Adia Kibur long necklace
$60 -

Wendy Mink long earrings
$148 -

Genie by Eugenia Kim paper hat
$70 -

Francesca Crochet Ballet
$49 -