Haati Chai Giveaway...my little blessing :)

It's funny how things work out.. Sunday night I decided to enter Haati Chai's exciting accessory contest on Instagram for their armcandy giveaway. The idea of the contest was to repost the picture below:

and explain in so many words, your ideal outfit to pair with Haati Chai's arm candy. So of course I came up with a simple outfit, listed its contents and reposted the picture as stated in the contest guidelines.

To seperate myself from the rest of the submissions I entered two sets of ideal outfits and was quickly complimented on the fashion options I provided. What better way to envision the ideal outfit than to see it in living color! Here is what I posted:

Haati Chai Submission

Haati Chai #2

 Long story short, Haati Chai asked me to be a guest blogger on their websit :)--and I accepted.

Posts coming soon!