Real Talk..Fashion Blogging and My Career

Chapter 1
I have to say within the past few months my career has been on my mind like clockwork. I am waking up with blogging on my mind, and thinking about how I can make my mark in social media. It’s like I can’t seem to get a moment to think about anything else. –that’s what I call PASSION. Nothing makes me feel happier than focusing on the steps I need to take in order to make this career move WORK.

I know this sounds funny..and maybe a bit disingenuous but this is how I think. I am enjoying this voyage that seems so long.. it seems that I have been trying to reach “success” within my area of focus for so long..but the truth is, I haven’t worked this hard for anything in a very long time. I would say, I haven’t worked half as hard at anything since my RedAnkH Magazine days. There is a thrill to this struggle..but the best is yet to come…

Chapter 2
So it seems that my career as a social media appointed fashion blogger has began to take off.. How did this happen?? I am just a girl with an eye for what people like –and originally I just blogged what I thought was fashionable (to an extent, I still do that).  I am paying close attention to those around me; doing my very best to put style in perspective for those who can’t necessarily afford the Kim K wardrobe. That’s the thing that bugs me most of all about blogging for fashion. You don’t have to highlight what celebs are wearing, what necessarily makes them seem so fashionable when all they’re doing is imitating runway looks!? What about those of us who aren’t interested in sitting front row at a fashion show, we are the ones who are then looked down upon when we’re not wearing the very latest.

Now let’s rewind for a second… (and as scattered brained as I am—I may get off topic a bit). Let me also shed light on the fact that I am an African American woman ..I would say lower-middle class citizen (based off my salary—haha) I absolutely do not have access to a number of name brands, but because I am not consumed with name brands, I am also not confined by them as well (does that make sense?)

Loubs are great shoes but can I really afford them…? Sure if I save a ton or choose not to pay my rent but, there are options out there –fashion forward options out there for women just like me. –And when I say women like me, I mean those who both look like me.. and also those who do not have access to these labels..

Chapter 3
Ok, so I am having a “sista girl moment” – Fashion has become extremely commercial for women of color. We see the Kim K’s and the Amber Rose’s and think that’s what we should look like—or strive to look like. While their style is an inspiration, it should never consume our closets. We are very fond of prints and embellishments and always have been…now that bamboo earring and kinte cloth is mainstream, we are beginning to rock it now, more than ever…along with natural hair.

We need to understand that the style we possess can never be duplicated and made better by mainstream was and always has been a depiction of who we are as people of different cultures.. Embrace that! And not just what you feel is culturally acceptable at the moment. –When I say women of color, don’t get it twisted…it doesn’t necessarily mean black women or Hispanic.. I am speaking to those of us who have an exotic cultural background…remember we all have a different origin..just to make that clear.

So, with all of that being said.. I am now a fashion blogger… legitimately.

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