Aaaaah! Updated Sets for FALL :)

Hello Ladies!!!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to update you all with some of my latest sets. It's been nearly 2 months since I've visitied you all right here on blogger so... here are some of my more popular looks below:


Pull Bear collared shirt
$29 -

Brady high heels



Chain earrings

Gold jewelry

Clear & Abstract

Miss Selfridge black top

River Island blue denim jeans
$56 -

Pointy toe shoes

Chain jewelry

Tri-Phramí Studs

Striped Factor

River Island tube dress
$56 -

Black eye makeup

Gold bangle

Chain jewelry

Sheer Shirt-Dress

Bold with Black&Gold

River Island long sleeve dress
$64 -

River island
$29 -

River Island dangle earrings
$24 -

Nars cosmetic
$31 -

$8.86 -


H M long sleeve dress
$16 -


Miso heart jewelry
$8.05 -

Chain jewelry

Khufu Neckpiece

Instagram seems to be popping-off for me right now so, I have been consistently posting weekly sets there. Once I figure out how to streamline all of this I will.

Love you all x100000000 kisses!